Pirate Hearts

Super Randomize the Game

Hey, remember this tweet? I remember this tweet. I’m two years late, but hey! I did that thing! The Super Win the Game Randomizer is now live on Steam, itch.io, and Humble! Super Win the Game is also currently on sale for 90% off, so if you’ve never played it, now’s the perfect time to jump in! Please note […]

The Palette Tool

There’s a popular notion that working within constraints can be conducive to creativity. This is part of the appeal of developing pixel art games: given a limited resolution and color palette, the possibility space of what a game could look like is corralled somewhat. Within that space, the potential of what this game should look […]

Catching Up

From late 2014 until early 2017, I maintained a weekly development blog for my action-platformer-roguelike Gunmetal Arcadia, accompanied by weekly video logs and somewhat less frequent dev streams and playable builds. This spanned the entire development cycle, from its initial inception following the launch of my previous Super Win the Game all the way through to Gunmetal Arcadia‘s own […]